2010 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Football Schedules Posted

WACThe 2010 WAC football schedules were released Monday and have been posted. The season begins on Thursday, September 2 when the Hawaii Warriors host the USC Trojans and the Nevada Wolf Pack host Eastern Washington.

Some of the prominent non-conference games include Boise State vs. Virginia Tech (at Landover, MD), Cincinnati at Fresno State, Fresno State at Ole Miss, Idaho at Nebraska, USC at Hawaii, Louisiana Tech at Texas A&M, California at Nevada, New Mexico State at Kansas, San Jose State at Alabama and Utah State at Oklahoma.

Listed below are direct links to the 2010 Western Athletic Conference football schedules and tickets:

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5 Comments to 2010 Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Football Schedules Posted

  1. Michael

    Is there a tougher schedule then San Jose State’s?

    Alabama,Utah and Wisconsin….just brutal!

  2. Nick

    Ouch, they are going to get beat up!

  3. Predder

    Do you think Boise state will loose to Virginia tech on the first Monday night?

  4. Predder

    If they do, are they still a bcs worthy team?

    Here are my predictions for the WAC

    Boise st 8-0
    Fresno st 7-1
    Nevada 6-2
    Idaho. 5-3
    LTech 4-4
    Utah st 3-5
    Hawaii 2-6
    NMSU. 1-7
    SJSU. 0-8

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