Nebraska Cornhuskers announce 2011 Football Schedule

NebraskaThe Nebraska Cornhuskers have announced their 2011 football schedule, which features games against Fresno State, Washington, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin.

Nebraska completed their 2011 schedule today with the addition of their season-opener on September 3 against the Chattanooga Mocs. Three more non-conference games follow: Fresno State (09/10), Washington (09/17) and at Wyoming (09/24).

The Cornhuskers begin their inaugural Big Ten schedule at Wisconsin on October 1 followed by their first Big Ten home game against Ohio State on October 8.

After an off week, Nebraska plays six straight conference games: at Minnesota (10/22), Michigan State (10/29), Northwestern (11/05), at Penn State (11/12), at Michigan (11/19) and Iowa (11/26).

The inaugural Big Ten Championship Game will be held on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Listed below are links to the 2011 Nebraska football schedule (with tickets) and future schedules:

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6 Comments to Nebraska Cornhuskers announce 2011 Football Schedule

  1. knowscollege

    Finally the NU losers are playing a tough schedule. It will be nice to see them have more losses per year than wins. The “Yellow Bellied Corn Doggies” nearly doomed the Big 12 conference because they were scared to play the Texas teams any more. We will look for them in the Big 10 (12 new) for around six years and with loosing records each year will be then bound for the MAC Conference or the Big (Weak) East.

    2011 will be interesting!!!!! Yet, fun with Nebraska back to it’s loosing ways.

    Go Home Little Huskies in Red, go back to bed!!!!! Go home little Huskies, go home little Huskies, go home little Huskies in Red!!! In Red I said, gooooo home little Huskies in Red, and back to bed. da da da ddddddaaaa da da ……..

    • OU FAN

      Knowscollege I agree with you, the losers from NU are finally gone out of our conference going to the pansy league, I love it

    • huskerfan

      Funny now that the season has started and the HUSKERS are 3-0! And where is the BIG 12 NOW? NOW WHO’S GOING HOME CRYING?!

  2. Cali4Nebraska

    Really? Quit hating. I imagine your from the great state of Texas. Cry, cry, cry. How much are you over the salary cap this year? Crazy you couldn’t buy yourself into title again. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll be in another one soon. Cha-ching!

    • huskerfan

      The great state of texas wouldn’t do something like that! LOL GO HUSKERS! LOVIN THE BIG TEN LIFE! We are 3-0 and didn’t have to pay anything!

  3. michael sprague

    Hey Husker fans come and join us on Big l0 talk. Don’t go to Sports talk where the U of M fans hang-out make sure it’s the Big l0 talk. Where curious to hear about your team and how they might do this year. Lot’s of good fans on this board from OSU, U of M and MSU. You can post directly to me at msumick.

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