BCS releases 2012 National Championship Game Logo

2012 BCS LogoThe logo for the the 2012 Allstate BCS National Championship Game has been released (on right; click for larger image). The game will be played on Monday, January 9, 2012 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.

“This logo will be enjoyed by millions of football fans, and treasured by the student-athletes and other participants for many years to come,” said Bowl Championship Series Executive Director Bill Hancock. “We’re proud that the championship game is so popular, and look forward to another great bowl season that will be capped off in the city of New Orleans.”

The game will feature the number one and number two teams in the final BCS Rankings announced on December 4, 2011. It will air on ESPN in HD and will be simulcast on ESPN3D and ESPN3.com.

The BCS National Championship Game was last played in New Orleans on January 7, 2008. In that game, LSU beat Ohio State 38-24.

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7 Comments to BCS releases 2012 National Championship Game Logo

  1. This logo style is getting old, IMO. But it’s much better than the new MWC logo.

  2. Maximillian

    Lame and boring! what is up this week?

    • Nothing but logo releases! Boring, I know.

      SEC will release their future scheduling format soon, and the MWC is set to release their 2012-13 scheduling format. Boise State’s has already been posted on their schedules.

  3. Nick

    Wait, a new scheduling format in the SEC?

    • Nick

      Is it for football or basketball? I’ve heard that they’re droppung the divisions in basketball, but isn’t this a football site?

    • Football. The SEC hasn’t announced a format past 2011. But they may stick with the 5-1-2 format currently in use.

  4. Maximillian

    Why would they change the schdules? If it aint broke don’t fix it!

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