Louisville Cardinals to join ACC, likely in 2014

Louisville CardinalsThe Louisville Cardinals will join the Atlantic Coast Conference, the ACC announced this morning. UL will likely join the ACC in 2014 when Maryland departs for the Big Ten.

Louisville has been a member of the Big East Conference since 2005. Prior to that, the Cardinals were in Conference USA from 1996 through 2004.

“With the addition of the University of Louisville, the ACC continues to be well positioned for the future competing at the highest level in all facets of the collegiate experience,” said the ACC Council of Presidents in a joint statement. “The ACC continues to be a vibrant conference that remains steadfast in its commitment to balancing academics and athletics.”

“The University of Louisville is honored to join the ACC, a conference with a long history of excellence in athletics and academics,” said Dr. James Ramsey, President, University of Louisville. “The ACC will be a great home for UofL and our commitment to great academics, groundbreaking research and top-notch athletic teams.”

In order to join the ACC in 2014, Louisville will have to negotiate with the Big East. The conference has a $10 million exit fee and a requires 27 months notice. However, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse were each able to negotiate an earlier exit from the conference.

Louisville, currently led by head coach Charlie Strong, is enjoying a successful run over the past few years. The Cardinals are 9-2 this season and 23-14 since Strong took over in 2010.

The Cardinals face Rutgers on Thursday night (7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN) to determine who wins the Big East and earns a BCS bowl bid.

The ACC will have 14 members in 2013 when Pittsburgh and Syracuse become official members of the conference. In 2014, the ACC will remain at 14 after Maryland departs and Louisville joins.

It remains to be seen which division Louisville will be placed in and what, if any, other shuffling of the alignment might occur.

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10 Comments to Louisville Cardinals to join ACC, likely in 2014

  1. Bill

    I guess we now know what the letters “ACC” mean.


    • Beano C.

      I thought ACC meant:


      ACC has 7 locked bowl slots, maybe only 5 teams eligible…….

    • Nicholas

      You dumb ass. Duke, UNC, Wake?

    • Bill

      That was the point Nicholas. Duke, UNC, and Wake are fine schools. UConn or Cinci would be excellent examples of qualified teams on that same academic level. But instead the ACC chose to invite Louisville.

      Comparing Louisville’s academics with Duke, UNC, and Wake is like comparing a commenter who can actually compose paragraphs with one who simply goes around calling people “dumb ass”.

      Please feel free to let me know if this post goes over your Louisville level head to.

    • RockChalk

      LOL @ Bill great answer

  2. sgw99

    Consensus to add Louisville, including UNC, athletics comes first.

    Supposedly four votes to also invite Connecticut: Virginia, Duke, UNC, Wake

    no surprise BC was not in favor.

  3. jjjones

    yall it means


  4. birdgang

    Prepare to be destroyed birdgang………..

  5. DT502

    Well maybe not academically but sports wise the ville will represent!!!!

  6. JT

    Quit being a hater. Just mad because now that Louisville is here in the ACC, your little weak team cant touch the Cards. You cry babies

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