ACC announces 2013 Football Opponents

By Kevin Kelley -

ACCThe Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has announced the home and road football opponents and sites for the 2013 season.

Pittsburgh and Syracuse join the conference for 2013, which gives the ACC a total of 14 members. Due to their addition, a number of changes were made to the scheduling format.

From the ACC:

Each ACC team will play eight conference games in football (four home and four away), six games within their division (three home, three away) and two games (one home, one away) with crossover opponents from the opposite division. In 2013, all Atlantic Division members will host their primary crossover opponent while Coastal Division members will host a rotating crossover opponent.

Each school’s primary crossover opponent does not change, while its rotating crossover opponent will change each year. With the exception of Pitt and Syracuse, all schools will be playing their rotating crossover opponent for the first time since 2009. Pitt joins the Coastal Division while Syracuse will compete in the Atlantic Division and the two schools will play each other annually as primary crossovers. The other primary crossovers will stay consistent.

Listed below are the primary crossovers:

Atlantic Division Coastal Division
Boston College Virginia Tech
Clemson Georgia Tech
Florida State Miami
Maryland Virginia
NC State North Carolina
Syracuse Pittsburgh
Wake Forest Duke

Also, similar to the SEC’s 2013 football schedule, there will be six repeat site games in the ACC in order to balance the home and away schedules. The repeat site games are as follows: Duke at Wake Forest; Duke at Virginia Tech; Miami at Duke; Georgia Tech at Clemson; Virginia Tech at Boston College; and Virginia Tech at Miami.

The full schedule with dates will be released in early February. The 2013 ACC Championship Game will be played at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, Dec. 7.


Boston College

Home: Florida State, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech
Road: Clemson, Maryland, Syracuse, North Carolina


Home: Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech
Road: Maryland, NC State, Syracuse, Virginia

Florida State

Home: Maryland, NC State, Syracuse, Miami
Road: Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh


Home: Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, Virginia
Road: Florida State, NC State, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech

NC State

Home: Clemson, Maryland, Syracuse, North Carolina
Road: Boston College, Florida State, Wake Forest, Duke


Home: Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh
Road: Florida State, Maryland, NC State, Georgia Tech

Wake Forest

Home: Florida State, Maryland, NC State, Duke
Road: Boston College, Clemson, Syracuse, Miami



Home: Georgia Tech, Miami, Pittsburgh, NC State
Road: North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest

Georgia Tech

Home: North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Syracuse
Road: Duke, Miami, Virginia, Clemson


Home: Georgia Tech, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Road: Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Florida State

North Carolina

Home: Duke, Miami, Virginia, Boston College
Road: Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, NC State


Home: Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, Florida State
Road: Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Syracuse


Home: Duke, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Clemson
Road: Miami, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Maryland

Virginia Tech

Home: Duke, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Maryland
Road: Georgia Tech, Miami, Virginia, Boston College

  1. Nick
    January 11, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    When would you expect the full 2013 schedule to come out Kevin?

  2. James
    January 11, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Who has the tougher 1st year schedule Pitt or Syracuse? I’d say Cuse.

  3. JoeS
    February 6, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Of course it is syracuse with the tougher schedule. Clemson and Florida St are the best teams in the conference by far and Syracuse is in the Atlantic with them. I am so happy Clemson is playing at Syracuse this year!! Its a 5 hour ride for me from New York but im going to see my Tigers.. C L E M S O————–N!!

  4. Scottydog
    February 17, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Is it early February yet? They working on how much to raise ticket prices this year:)