College Themed Keyboard Giveaway from KeyPoint Technologies

By Andy Coffaro -

After months and months of waiting, the season is finally here. To get all of you super fired up for Thursday night’s openers, we’ve got something very cool to give away.

KeyPoint Technologies has just launched over 30 Spirit Keyboards (available teams listed below) featuring some of the top programs in college football. These college-themed keyboards for Android have the colors and logos for your favorite team and come with a dictionary created specifically for your school. This way when you’re texting, emailing, Tweeting or Facebooking, the dictionary already knows terms unique to your university – it even knows how to spell the bars near campus which always comes in handy after the game.

Another thing that’s pretty cool is the word prediction. So if you’ve got the Alabama app on your Droid and you start to spell “McC,” the word “McCarron” is offered up before you’ve completed half the word. Pretty handy for spelling “McCarron is on fire” when he throws four touchdowns and “McCarron stinks” when he fumbles in his own end zone.

Here’s how to win a Spirit Keyboard for your favorite team from KeyPoint Technologies: In the comments section below, tell us why your team is going to win the BCS National Championship this year. Everything from incredibly insightful and statistically-backed reasoning to the humorously absurd will be considered. We’ll select 5 winners after the conclusion of the Florida State at Pittsburgh game Monday night, so give us your most inspired, passionate, and hilarious reasons your team will win it all this year and the keyboard app will be on your Android phone in no time. Be sure to enter a valid email address so we can contact you (email will not be published).

Here’s to the start of another awesome season!

Available Teams

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Iowa State, LSU, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Penn State, South Carolina, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, USC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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Comments (12)

There is not just one word that explains why ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE is going to win the National Championship AGAIN this year – Saban, McCarron, Pride, Leadership, Integrity, Passion, Determination, I coudl go on and on but no words or explanation is even needed, they will win it again no doubt about it – ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

The three headed monster of David Oku, Adam Kennedy, and J.D. McKissic are why Arkansas State will win the BCS National Championship! Go stAte!

Auburn is going to win the BCS National title. Auburn has went undefeated in years(1913, 1993) that end in a 3 versus all others ending 2013 is it. The BCS title has not left the state of Alabama in the past 4 four years. Alabama wins one, then Auburn wins one. Alabama wins 2 in a row…Auburns turn to win 2 in a row. WAR DAMN EAGLE!

Cincinnati will win the BCS Title this year! With a mythical, warmongering, carnivore mascot, the Bearcats will literally claw their way to the ship! With players named Munchie Legaux, Silverberry Mouhon, and Arryn Chenault just imagine all the fun Corso and Herbstreit will have announcing them?!

The Eyes of Texas will be upon the BCS National Title this year. The Texas Longhorns, led by the Ashian one, David Ash, and Mack Daddy Brown calling from the sidelines, will go through 12 games on their way to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California and have history of their last championship repeat itself. With Bevo on the sidelines and over 100,000 fans hootin and hollerin, Darrell K Royal will be the place to be to witness one of the greatest teams to come out of Austin. Hook em Horns!

The football world will be turned on its head this year when the Jayhawks bring home the Crystal ball! In fact it will be so stunning, no one will know what to do with it when it arrives in Lawrence! The first person to hold it will probably lob it into the nearest basketball goal…