ESPN’s College GameDay to Begin With Georgia at Clemson

ESPN College GameDay
ESPN College GameDay opened in Arlington in 2012. (Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports)

ESPN’s College GameDay Built by The Home Depot will kick off the 2013 season on Saturday, Aug. 31 in South Carolina for the Georgia Bulldogs at Clemson Tigers football game.

The show is expanding to three hours and will begin at 9 a.m. ET on ESPN. The past few years, the show began on ESPNU before continuing to ESPN.

For the season premiere at Clemson, College GameDay will run four hours from 9 a.m. ET until 1 p.m. ET.

Hosted by Chris Fowler with Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard and David Pollack with reporting by Samantha Ponder, Tom Rinaldi, Scott Van Pelt and Gene Wojciechowski, GameDay’s August 31 edition will preview all the day’s matchups in its longest installment to date leading into the Rice at Texas A&M game (1 p.m., ESPN).

The highly anticipated game between Georgia and Clemson, which kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, will feature two preseason Top Ten teams. Georgia is ranked 5th in the nation in the USA Today Sports Coaches Poll while Clemson is ranked 8th.

Clemson and Georgia have met 57 times and the Bulldogs lead the overall series 38-15-4. In their last meeting at Clemson in 2003, Georgia won 30-0.

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18 Comments to ESPN’s College GameDay to Begin With Georgia at Clemson

  1. Andy Coffaro

    Still the only sports pre-game show I’ll watch, even though it means waking up at 7 am on a Saturday here in California (or 6 am to catch the first hour on ESPNU).

    • It starts at 9 a.m. on ESPN this year. Read man!! ;)

    • Andrew

      That’s 9 Eastern time he did say in California which is pacific time.

    • I'm at Work

      Andy is correct about the time, but Kevin is correct that the article says that you no longer have to catch the first hour on ESPNU because the whole show is now on ESPN.

    • That, and Andy is a contributor here. Just messin’ with him.

    • Well maybe if you had made that super clear at the start of the article Kevin … oh wait … never mind!

      I love waking up in the fall to a pot of hot coffee, the birds chirping, and Lee Corso vaguely making sense about 25% of the time. He’s awesome.

    • Jason

      One of the many great things about living in California: waking up and not having to wait all morning for football. Of course, I overdo it and hit the gym at 4:00 am so I’m home in time for the 6:00 GameDay start! At least there’s less guilt with the wings and pizza that show up at about 11:30! :)

  2. Bill M

    Good choice. Looking forward to this matchup.

  3. Mark

    As a Bulldawg, I hope Courso picks Clemson. We always lose when he picks us.

  4. Bill (the one that's commenting for years not the newbie) sai

    My weekend will look like this (all times Pacific). Special thanks to the Los Angeles Angels who did me a big favor ny getting eliminated from the pennant race.
    4 UNLV @ Minnesota and Indiana State @ Indiana
    730 USC @ Hawaii and Rutgers @ Fresno
    5 WMU @ Michigan State
    9 Purdue @ Cinci and UMass @ Wisconsin
    1230 CMU @ Mich and Penn State @ Syracuse
    400 Highlights
    500 Wyoming @ Nebraska and Georgia @ Clemson
    700/730 (joined in progress Boise @ Washington and Northwestern @ Cal
    1230 Ohio @ Louisville
    300 Colorado @ Colorado State
    500 Fla St @ Pitt
    Special thanks to the Los Angeles Angels who did me a big favor ny getting eliminated from the pennant race and eliminating a potential distraction.

    • Andy Coffaro

      Bill, this is awesome and looks pretty much like my schedule other than attending the San Jose State opener versus Sac St. on Aug. 29th (yes I know … game of the year!) :)

  5. Tom

    Gameday at the Georgia Clemson game is the best choice. A great game being played on campus. I am grateful that there are some teams willing to play big games on the opening weekend

  6. Herandos

    This will be a boring game, decided by a field goal in overtime. Gamescore 5 – 2

  7. Jeff Moore

    Boring game? met one sick puppy! This game could very well be the National Championship

  8. Boring game really? Both teams are ranked top ten. Go Dawgs

  9. John Sutton

    ACC can’t compete with the big boys in the SEC…

  10. greg bates

    Roll Tide in Georgia Saturday evening !!!

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