Alabama Crimson Tide to have a Blackout Game in 2013?

By Kevin Kelley -

Will the Alabama Crimson Tide have a Blackout football game in 2013? Fanatics, which powers the official Alabama fan shop, seems to think so.

Now on sale for the low price of $124.95 is a Nike Alabama Crimson Tide 2013 Blackout Jersey. Here is an excerpt from the description (emphasis added):

Designed in the same styling as the gear your favorite players will wear on the field in the 2013 Blackout Game

Alabama isn’t a school that changes their uniforms very often, if at all. And Nick Saban probably doesn’t care much about his team wearing special jerseys and having multiple uniform combinations. But as SBNation notes, this jersey could be for some sort of organized fan blackout.

If Alabama were to have a Blackout game in 2013, they have six games to choose from on their 2013 schedule. They host Colorado State this weekend, but that game is excluded because there likely would have been an announcement by now.

Ole Miss visits Tuscaloosa on Sept. 28, followed by Georgia State on Oct. 5, Arkansas on Oct. 19, Tennessee on Oct. 26, LSU on Nov. 9, and Chattanooga on Nov. 23. It likely will be an SEC game, and it would be a better atmosphere if it were a night game.

My guess would be either Arkansas, Tennessee, or LSU, with Tennessee being the most likely due to their rivalry.

What do you think? Will Alabama have a Blackout game in 2013? If so, which game do you think it will be?

Update (9/17/13): There are now Florida State and LSU Blackout Game jerseys on sale with the same description.

Update 2 (9/18/13): Fanatics has changed the description for the Alabama jersey. References to a Blackout Game have been removed.

Alabama Blackout Jersey

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Keep in mind the penalty for illegal uniforms is 15 yards at the beginning of each half (assuming you don’t change for the second half.) I could totally see these schools taking the penalty if they’re getting paid big bucks by Nike.

Can you imagine them coming up short on a FG on that drive and then losing the game by 3 points or less? It is unlikely but still possible that 15 yards can cost them a W and by extension the national championship.

The odds of that scenario are quite slim; yet they are not absolute zero. Saban won’t it happen for 15 yards.

They could do it against Georgia State. They could give up 15 POINTS per half and still win going away with their 3rd string guys. Go Panthers!

The whole subject is stupid: a “Blackout Game” would be one that is NOT on TV.
Furthermore, Alabama teams NEVER wear black jerseys: they are always either crimson with white numerals or white with crimson numerals.
Alabama might have a game that is blacked out on TV because it has such a WEAK nonconference schedule that includes Colorado State, Georgia State, and Chattanooga.

The administration at Alabama is not even willing to schedule its nonconference games with schools like Florida Southern, Georgia Tech, Southern Mississippi, Houston, Fresno State, San Diego State, Utah, and Miami.

Guess you missed Virgina Tech on the schedule, maybe you remember Michigan last season, or Penn State in 2011. But no.. You’re right, Bama is scared to schedule non-conference opponents.

Let’s see…2013 Virginia Tech, 2012 Michigan, 2011 Penn State, 2010 Penn State, 2009 Virginia Tech, 2008 Clemson…yeah, you’re right, Bama is scared to play tough out of conference games.

Absolutely disgusting, anything other than home crimson or road whites is sacrilege and immoral. To even suggest Bama would even pull a stunt like that is shameful. Alabama doesn’t need gimmicks like that bum in Athens, btw how’d that work out for them.
We are Bama!