2014 AAC Football Opponents Announced

American Athletic Conference

The American Athletic Conference has set their home and away football opponents for the 2014 season, conference commissioner Mike Aresco announced today.

The 2014 season will feature new conference members East Carolina, Tulane, and Tulsa. Navy will join the conference in 2015 and the conference will then split into divisions and stage a championship game.

2014 AAC Matchups


  • Home: East Carolina, Houston, Memphis, USF
  • Away: UConn, SMU, Temple, Tulane


  • Home: UCF, Cincinnati, SMU, Temple
  • Away: East Carolina, Memphis, USF, Tulane

East Carolina

  • Home: UCF, UConn, SMU, Tulane
  • Away: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulsa


  • Home: UCF, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa
  • Away: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, USF


  • Home: UConn, Houston, USF, Tulsa
  • Away: Cincinnati, SMU, Temple, Tulane


  • Home: Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, USF
  • Away: UCF, UConn, East Carolina, Tulsa


  • Home: Cincinnati, East Carolina, Memphis, Tulsa
  • Away: UCF, UConn, Houston, Tulane


  • Home: Cincinnati, UConn, Memphis, Temple
  • Away: UCF, East Carolina, Houston, Tulsa


  • Home: East Carolina, USF, SMU, Tulane
  • Away: UCF, Houston, Memphis, Temple


  • Home: SMU, Temple, Tulane, Tulsa
  • Away: UConn, East Carolina, Houston, USF


  • Home: UCF, UConn, East Carolina, Houston
  • Away: Cincinnati, Memphis, SMU, Tulsa

American 2014

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  1. Clean

    When does the actual schedule come out

  2. Mike

    Isn’t Houston still looking for an opponent?

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