Pac-12 Announces 13 Games Scheduled for Pac-12 Networks


The Pac-12 has announced 13 early season 2014 games that will be televised on the Pac-12 Networks.

The first games are slated for Thursday, Aug. 28. Utah hosts Idaho State at 7:30pm ET followed by Arizona State hosting Weber State at 10:30pm ET.

Listed below are the games that have been scheduled for the Pac-12 Networks as of May 29. All remaining Pac-12 Network games will be announced six-to-12 days prior to the date of the game.

2014 Pac-12 Networks TV Schedule

Thursday, Aug. 28
Idaho State at Utah – 7:30pm ET
Weber State at Arizona State – 10:30pm ET

Saturday, Aug. 30
UC Davis at Stanford – 4pm ET
Portland State at Oregon State – 4pm ET
South Dakota at Oregon – 10:30pm ET

Saturday, Sept. 6
Eastern Washington at Washington – 3pm ET
Fresno State at Utah – 3pm ET
Sacramento State at California – 3pm ET
Memphis at UCLA – 10pm ET

Saturday, Sept. 13
Wyoming at Oregon – 2pm ET
Army at Stanford – 5pm ET
Portland State at Washington State – 8pm ET
Nevada at Arizona – 11pm ET

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9 Comments to Pac-12 Announces 13 Games Scheduled for Pac-12 Networks

  1. Kyle

    Seems like they are pushing there late games back even farther. Usually they don’t start past 8 local time but I seem some are starting at 8:30 or 9 or even 10 local time. Yikes.

    • None of the games listed start past 8 PM local time. Remember Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, so that 11 PM ET game on Sept 13 is actually an 8 PM game in Arizona. The 10:30 PM game for Arizona State vs. Weber State is at 7:30 PM in Arizona. Oregon’s game on Aug 30 is also at 7:30 PM PT and UCLA’s game on Sept 6 is at 7 PM PT.

    • Not a fan of trying to decipher the game times of AZ and ASU!

  2. Gene

    LOL! I hear ya Kyle. I’m a Pac-12 fan (UCLA since I was a kid) living in TX and trust me its alot rougher on us Pac-12 fans living in EST and CST zones. It looks like ESPN is allowing P-12 Network to get more games on the schedule. Don’t remember that many from last year.


    I just wish DIRECTV would land the PAC-12 network.

    • Gene

      Yeah, sorry bud. DirecTV is still fighting with P-12 Network. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel. If the AT&T/DirecTV merger goes through, then you should be able to get it as AT&T U-verse Cable has the channel in their lineup

    • The merger won’t be complete for at least a year. Takes a long time for government approval.

  4. Evan Escher

    This is how I would schedule the kick off times (Pacific Time):

    Week 1:
    4:30 PM-ID St @ Utah
    7:30 PM-Weber St @ ASU
    12 PM-SDak @ Oregon
    3:30 PM-UCD @ Stan
    7 PM-Portland St @ OR St

    Week 2:
    11 AM-Fres St @ Utah
    2:30 PM-Memphis @ UCLA
    6 PM-EWU @ Washington, Sac St @ Cal (Bay Area only)

    Week 3:
    12 PM-Army @ Stanford
    3:30 PM-Wyoming @ Oregon
    7 PM-Nevada @ Arizona, Port St @ WSU (OR and WA only)

  5. DrOrb

    These games don’t make my pick up the phone and demand DirecTV carry the Pac12 network.

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