ESPNU to Air Top 25 College Football Games of 2013

Texas A&M-Duke
Texas A&M-Duke was one of the Top 25 games of 2013. (Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports)

ESPNU will air the Top 25 college football games of the 2013 season, the network has announced. The 12-day marathon of games on ESPNU will begin on Monday, July 21.

ESPN selected and ranked the Top 25 games of 2013 and will let the fans decide the order of the Top 5 via a SportsNation poll. Those five games are listed below:

  • Auburn-Alabama
  • Florida State-Auburn
  • Ohio State-Michigan
  • Texas A&M-Duke
  • Auburn-Georgia

Listed below is the complete schedule of games (all on ESPNU; note that four games will not be aired).

Monday, July 21
No. 25 – Michigan State 24, Stanford 20 (Rose Bowl), 7pm ET
No. 24 – Colorado St. 48, Washington St. 45 (New Mexico Bowl), 10pm ET

Tuesday, July 22
No. 23 – Alabama 49, Texas A&M 42, 7pm ET
No. 22 – Fresno State 52, Rutgers 51, 10pm ET

Wednesday, July 23
No. 21 – Navy 58, San Jose State 52, 7pm ET
No. 20 – Georgia 44, LSU 41, 10pm ET

Thursday, July 24
No. 19 – Clemson 40, Ohio State 35 (Orange Bowl), 7pm ET
No. 18 – Arizona State 32, Wisconsin 30, 10pm ET

Friday, July 25
No. 17 – Auburn 45, Texas A&M 41, 7pm ET

Monday, July 28
No. 15 – Georgia 34, Tennessee 31, 7pm ET
No. 14 – Penn State 43, Michigan 40, 10pm ET

Tuesday, July 29
No. 12 – Rutgers 55, SMU 52, 7pm ET
No. 11 – Ole Miss 39, Vanderbilt 35, 10pm ET

Wednesday, July 30
No. 10 – Oklahoma 33, Oklahoma St. 24, 7pm ET
No. 8 – UCF 38, Louisville 35, 10pm ET

Thursday, July 31
No. 7 – South Carolina 27, Missouri 24, 10pm ET

Friday, Aug. 1
No. 5 – Ohio State 42, Michigan 41, 7pm ET

Saturday, Aug. 2
No. 4 – Texas A&M 52, Duke 48, 6pm ET
No. 3 – Auburn 43, Georgia 38, 9pm ET

Sunday, Aug. 3
No. 2 – Florida State 34, Auburn 31, 6pm ET
No. 1 – Auburn 34, Alabama 28, 9pm ET

Games that will not Re-air
No. 16 – Oregon State 51, Utah 48
No. 13 – Notre Dame 38, Navy 34
No. 9 – Michigan St. 34, Ohio St. 24 (Big Ten Championship)
No. 6 – Oregon 36, Oregon St. 35

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23 Comments to ESPNU to Air Top 25 College Football Games of 2013

  1. Dave

    Where is Oklahoma/Alabama?? Guess no one wants to cast a bad light on the $EC! LMAO!!

    • daveisaloser

      cause that game was a blow out dumbass

    • Peter

      You’re an idiot if you actually think that was a good game. As an Auburn fan I’d love to watch it again, but it was far from one of the 25 best games of the season. Heck…it wasn’t even one of the best 25 games of the BOWL season.

    • carolina

      It was best games 2013. Not best blow outs!

  2. Josh

    Oklahoma won by 2 touchdowns. It wasn’t really that memorable.

  3. Missing BYU-Houston. That 47-46 thriller was an incredible offensive showcase on both sides. Too bad it was missed.

  4. zach

    texas-iowa state? what a game that’s missing here

  5. timoftexas

    Beating alabama in the sugar bowl will be something oklahoma fans will hang their hats on for like twenty years lol cause they probably wont win a national championship for thirty years. especially since they have taken a back seat to baylor, oklahoma state, and next year texas!!!

    • shelly roady

      Said the guy whose team just kicked seven of its players off the team. Keep on dreaming Longhorn.

  6. Dalton Ownby

    Middle Tennessee state vs. Marshall 51-49 MTSU scores on 4th and goal on last play of the game

  7. Steele

    How about South Carolina vs Tennessee!!!

  8. scott boone

    anyone who has any football brains would put the UCF-Louisville game as THE top game- they just need to see it to believe it. The only game most people saw was the Baylor ‘smackdown’.

  9. Blake Gibson

    Texas/West Virginia or Mizzou/Auburn SEC Championship?

  10. Terry Elston

    OU/Alabama was the biggest upset of the year.OU had to to come from behind in every game they played. For them to beat Alabama with such a weak team was something.

  11. Monte Bledsoe

    West Virginia and Oklahoma state or Wvu Texas

  12. Will

    Backseat to OSU?! OSU has beaten OU ONCE in 11 years! Baylor has beaten OU TWICE in program history! And you’re crazy if you think OU is going to lose to Texas next year.

  13. Troy T

    Marshall vs Maryland in Military Bowl

  14. Tyler

    Nebraska/Northwestern… hail marry… should be there. Probably not top 10 but still…

  15. D.J.

    isu/wvu 24 point 4th quarter comeback and then3 ot’s. Would have been great but isu ended season at 3-9 so that I understand.Still a great game to watch tho

  16. JAH

    No USC-Stanford?

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