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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the 2015 college football schedules come out?

Schedules for the 2015 season will be announced at any point between now and late spring, depending on the conference and school. Once schedules are announced, they are posted to our site.

When does the 2015 NFL schedule come out?

The 2015 NFL schedule will be released in mid-to-late April.

Do you know the date of the X vs. Y game?

Dates listed on the schedules are the most current we have. If you have a link to new information, please send it to us for review.

Do you know the kickoff time of the X vs. Y game?

Due to television, kickoff times for teams in major conferences are not set until 6-12 days prior to the game. We post them to the schedules as soon as they are announced.

I’m planning a wedding and need to know if my team is off or out of town on a particular date. Can you help?

Sorry, we can not assist you with this. Future football schedules change frequently which could leave us in the position of giving you a bad date. cannot be held liable for this.

Can you send me a copy of all your schedules in Excel or CSV format?

Sorry, we do not offer Excel or CSV copies of any of our schedules.

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