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    Baylor, BYU Schedule 2021-22 Football Series

    By Kevin Kelley -
    1. Stuart
      March 31, 2016 at 2:36 pm

      Two takeaways:
      1) Baylor must like the State of Utah, they have the BYU series in ’21, ’22 and then one with Utah in ’23, ’24
      2) BYU is now considered a P5 opponent by SEC, ACC, B1G and B12 (P12 doesn’t have OOC SoS requirement … yet)

      • Travis B
        March 31, 2016 at 6:26 pm

        Yep BYU isn’t ND but they are the best independent in the West and I have always considered them a P5 program. So that’s good news for their school that every conference is treating them like a P5…

    2. Malty
      March 31, 2016 at 2:59 pm

      I assumed that Baylor and BYU would play–Baylor needing to beef up their schedule and BYU needing teams. Glad that it’s now in writing.

    3. @BYUniforms
      March 31, 2016 at 3:21 pm

      Great series, still an idiot-led league

    4. Andrew
      March 31, 2016 at 3:22 pm

      Love it! Been wanting this game for a while!

    5. Darrell
      March 31, 2016 at 5:56 pm

      The Baylor-Texas Tech game must be moving back to campus. Otherwise, Baylor will only have five home games in 2023.

    6. GEG
      March 31, 2016 at 7:20 pm

      Wouldn’t it be funny if BYU joins the Big 12 before 2021.

    7. Z Man
      March 31, 2016 at 8:38 pm

      BYU should join the Big 12 yes, but they’d still compete as a football independent through 2020. I’m projecting Boise State, Memphis, Houston, Temple and SMU also joining the Big 12 soon, with the American schools beginning Big 12 football competition right away and the Western schools playing a few seasons as football independents until moving into Big 12 football in 2021, at which point BYU’s scheduled games against Boise State and Baylor get absorbed into that season’s conference schedule. Granted, one other 2021 game for BYU will have to be moved to like 2023 due to the move to a 9-game conference schedule, but BYU will get used to the Big 12.

      • Z Man
        March 31, 2016 at 8:40 pm

        Strike that, FB Indy through 2022.

      • DJ
        March 31, 2016 at 10:21 pm

        Several of the BYU future football series have outs if they join a P5 conference. I don’t recall which ones were revealed through FOIA requests–but there were at least a few.

      • @dbrunstheworld
        April 2, 2016 at 8:12 am

        The subset of agreements with buyouts are very similar to the subset of agreements that are with non-P5s. Even Boise has the out for either program going to a P5 conference.

      • ken bullock
        April 3, 2016 at 10:25 am

        That would be great but I don’t see the B12 expanding west. I think BYU should try to get an agreement to ply 3 games per year against the P 12 and B 12. That would give them 6 games, the make another agreement with Notre Dame for a season ending game every year when the other conferences are playing their CCG. They can fill in the other five games against quality opponents and have a strong SOS every year. That would make them more attractive to bowl games and the CFB play offs. I don’t see them joining the MWC or the AAC.

    8. Uga Hater
      April 1, 2016 at 1:27 am

      Baptist vs Mormons…..Classic!

    9. Ryan
      April 1, 2016 at 4:06 pm

      The Big 12 needs to just add BYU and Cincinnati already and this can be a conference game.

    10. Tully
      April 1, 2016 at 4:09 pm

      A good series for both programs.

      The Big10 and Big 12 are requiring teams play an OC game with at least one team from a P5 conference. Most of the PAC 12 does this already. Basically a 10 game schedule with P5 teams. In the ACC in 2016 only 5 teams play will play 10 games with P5 teams (Clemson FSU UNC Pitt and VT) In the SEC only UGA plays 10 games with P5 teams. ND only plays 9 games with P5 teams.

      I hope beginning this year the playoff committee starts taking the 10 game regular season games with P5 teams into consideration as well as the CCG, meaning 11 games for the teams in the CCG..

      • Uga Hater
        April 2, 2016 at 1:26 am

        Tully even though you are right about 10 power 5 games for the Big’s, you fail to mention that the SEC and ACC require members to play at least one OOC Power 5 opponent. Was this an over site or just a hater trying to dis the SEC? I wish the SEC would move to a 9 game schedule but even if they don’t the strength of schedule for the SEC dwarfs most others year in and year out. Alabama. Auburn, Florida and LSU can also claim something that only 2 others (FSU and TOSU) can claim over the past 10 years. How many national titles have the Pac 12 and Big 12 won? ZERO

      • Tully
        April 2, 2016 at 10:44 am

        Nope not an oversight or a hater… I see the trend is 10 games with P5 teams. The Big 10, Big 12 and PAC 12 all play 9 game conference schedules. These conferences consist of 14 teams, 10 teams and 12 teams. The PAC 12 does not have a rule requiring an OOC game with a P5 team, yet almost every PAC 12 team plays at least one OOC game with a P5 team. In 2016 of the PAC 12 teams only WSU will not play an OOC game with a P5 team. And for me I do not care if WSU Wake Forest Kansas Illinois play a P5 team OOC, I do not see them being playoff contenders

        The ACC and SEC have 8 game regular seasons, and now are moving to require one OOC game with a P5 team. In 2016 5 teams in the ACC and one team in the SEC will play 10 games with P5 teams. In the ACC chances are the teams which could make a playoff run are among those five. Boston College will only play 8 games with P5 teams.

        The NCAA is not going to mandate how conferences schedule,

        Given we are talking about independents, and conference with 10, 12 and 14 teams I am suggesting the Playoff Committee use the 10 games with P5 teams in the regular season as a factor, just the same way they should factor in the Big 12 and ND fo not play a CCG. In fact the Big 12 has an extra bye week for 4-6 teams a year. That extra bye week can be an advantage and not playing a 13th game in 14 weeks is also a an advantage. Chances are the conference champions of the ACC, Big 10 and PAC 12 will play 11 games with P5 teams including the CCG.

        I do see a 9 game schedule with P5 teams as having an extra bye week. Especially if every year 3 of the four OOC games are all home games with non P5 teams, you know “payoff games”.

        In 2016 of the sixty five P5 programs only 27 will not play 10 games with P5 teams. Yes 24 of those are in the ACC and SEC,and ND. If I am on the playoff committee from the PAC 12. Big 10 and even the Big 12 I am making that an issue, just like in 2014 the committee use the lack of a playoff game to keep a Big 12 team out and let tOSU in.

        It does nor matter to me how a team gets to 10 games with P5 teams For FSU, Clemson, VT Pitt UNC and UGA they get there with 2 OOC games with P5 teams. At this time in 2017 and 2019 Florida and UGA will be the only teams in the SEC playing 10 regular season games with P5 teams.

        The different conferences are going to do what works best for each conference, I think a better question when looking at the playoffs is which programs are not playing at least 10 regular season games with P5 teams. (11 counting CCGS)

        Baylor’s OOC scheduling has been been mocked for several years and rightfully so.They are not adding OOC games with P5 teams because they want to. The trend is forcing that change.

      • Tully
        April 2, 2016 at 11:28 am

        UGA a correction to my reply comment. In 2016 GT will also play two OOC games with P5 teams. This means in 2016 only 26 of 65 P5 teams will play 9 or fewer games with P5 teams.

        A quick look at 2017 shows again six teams in the ACC will play 10 games with P5 teams, and in the SEC UGA and Florida will play 10 games with P5 teams.

        In 2017 in the Big 12 every team will play at least 10 games with P5 teams.

        It is very possible as soon as 2017 less than 20 teams will play less than 10 regular season games with P5 teams.

        If I am on the playoff committee and the teams from my conference played 11 games including the CCG with P5 teams, yeah I am going to make that an issue compared to teams which only played 10.

        When you are a team being considered for a play off spot and one loss can be to many and two losses seems to most certainly be to many, playing only 9 regular season games with P5 teams is an advantage. Playing only 10 games with P5 teams is an advantage over teams playing 11 games with P5 teams. In 2014 FSU played 12 games with P5 teams, counting the CCG before the playoffs

      • Uga Hater
        April 6, 2016 at 1:47 am

        Blah Blah Blah count the Banners. Baylor plays chumps, they do not have any. Alabama. Florida, Auburn and LSU play each other, have many, Beat the SEC then talk all the crap you want Tully Ohio St and FSU are the only dogs in this fight as they have beaten SEC teams in games that count

    11. Ryan
      April 2, 2016 at 1:16 pm

      The playoff committee needs to start seriously penalizing schools wh aren’t scheduling at least 10 regular season games against Power 5 competition. Seriously—SEC, atop scheduling cream puffs and FCS teams in November.

      • Uga Hater
        April 6, 2016 at 1:53 am

        Ryan should we start counting teams like Houston, Cincinnati, BYU as Power 5? I don’t know the answer but it is a fair question. In some seasons Memphis, Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, etc. are solid teams. How do you gauge who is worthy? Any of those schools I typed are better than Maryland, Rutgers. Wake Forest, Illinois and Vanderbilt on a year to year basis. So tell me your plan

    12. Dan
      April 4, 2016 at 12:18 pm

      Are we sure this isn’t a fledgling BYU-Hawai’i football team that Baylor is scheduling??

      • Boscatar
        June 14, 2016 at 7:39 pm

        Ha ha ha! Or, may be the real announcement lost in the shuffle is that there will be a new BYU-Nauvoo University.

    13. Dave
      April 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm

      Baylor thought they were signing up Incarnate Word/Utah. Baylor will never be in the national playoff picture.

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    1. @dbrunstheworld
      March 25, 2016 at 4:58 pm

      Seems great for BYU.

      When BYU needed to change 2019 date to make another series work, Virginia moved 2020 road date to 2023 but did not ask for an additional game.

      Seems like this may have arisen due to Bronco wanting no game this decade. Surprised BYU got an extra home game out of it (and now the first home game in the series)

      Tom Holmoe is taking lessons from the Arizona AD.

      • Shep
        March 28, 2016 at 8:56 am

        Sounds like he should’ve taken lessons from the Colorado State AD, this is pretty much a break-even for Virginia.

    2. Kevin Kelley
      March 27, 2016 at 5:36 pm

      Article has been corrected, apologies for the mistakes. Was composed in an airport on my phone.

    3. @dbrunstheworld
      March 27, 2016 at 7:20 pm

      Thanks as always, Kevin.

      I have read unconfirmed speculation elsewhere that Virginia will play the extra game at BYU in lieu of paying Bronco’s $1.2M contract buyout.

    4. DJ
      March 29, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      Wow….Virginia must have really needed to free up that 2019 slot because they sure paid for that change.

      • Coug'sCotton
        March 29, 2016 at 6:25 pm

        Bronco being the former BYU head coach, he voiced he didn’t want to play some of the guys he coached.

    5. Josh
      March 29, 2016 at 3:15 pm

      This seems like a really lopsided agreement. BYU gets two home games, UVA one, and BYU does not owe Virginia a guarantee for either home game. The only thing I’m getting out of this is that BYU still thinks they can join a P5 conference, and don’t want to tie themselves down into too many more “guarantee” games.

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    1. Dave
      March 5, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      Notre Dame needs to honor their commitments and return to Provo for one game. Irish fans would enjoy this game far more than the G5 games that are on the schedule.

    2. Bill Adlhoch
      March 5, 2016 at 5:47 pm

      BYU is treated as a group of 5 team by many as it is

    3. CJ
      March 5, 2016 at 10:06 pm

      BYU needs to demand an audit of ND finances.

    4. David
      March 6, 2016 at 11:56 am

      Well, wrapping up a yearly series with Idaho and New Mexico State should be no problem now. Throw in Army and UMass, and there’s some of your schedule.
      The real answer for BYU is XII for football-only and staying WCC for the rest. If the XII would listen to Boren, they’d have BYU and Cincinnati on board already.

      • DJ
        March 7, 2016 at 8:14 am

        Yearly series with Idaho and New Mexico State? All schedules are full through 2017 and then Idaho is likely to drop to FCS in the Big Sky conference–although they would be a candidate for the annual FCS game. I have no idea what New Mexico State is going to do from 2018 on but doubt an “annual” series would be in the works.

      • @dbrunstheworld
        March 8, 2016 at 8:48 am

        BYU is going to want winnable home games against available opponents, and likely not FCS closers to the home schedule, preceding trips to Stanford and USC that will take place to close 14 week seasons. UMass, as part of home and homes, and NMSU as pat of 2 for 1s, seem like good candidates for those home games.

    5. BJ
      March 7, 2016 at 1:26 am

      Catholics going back in their promises? I’ve never seen that before.

    6. Malt
      March 9, 2016 at 11:40 am

      ND needs to clear of the last game of the two for one series. I’d hope that they’d play in Provo in late October or November. If they decide that they need to buy it out, then so be it. BYU doesn’t need this resolved anytime soon, but it would be nice if ND could would play the game within the next 3 years.

    7. Gene
      May 4, 2016 at 11:41 am

      when will Notre Dame move out of the Independent group?

    8. Paul S Searcy
      June 3, 2016 at 2:26 pm

      ND will never join a conference for FB. They have the best of two worlds. Everyone wants to play them so they have no issues with scheduling. Also, they don’t have to share their winnings with a league, since they aren’t in one. I don’t look to see them joining a league anytime soon.

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    BYU Cougars announce 2016 Football Schedule

    By Kevin Kelley -
    1. Z Man
      March 2, 2016 at 9:01 pm

      BYU”s ideal opponent for if they make the Poinsettia Bowl would be San Diego State. Sure it consigns the Cougars to an effective road game, but they have beaten the Aztecs in this bowl before, despite SDSU’s outstanding home record this decade.

    2. schoup
      March 3, 2016 at 9:02 am

      Schedule is front loaded 6 of vs 7 vs P5’s and then Boise as the 8th game.

    3. Josh
      March 3, 2016 at 9:24 am

      Whyyy is the BYU-Boise game on Thursday October 20? Miami at Virginia Tech has already been announced as an ESPN game that same day. Surely ESPN won’t do a double header with Miami-VT at 7 and BYU-Boise at 10-something on a worknight. That’s probably the best annual G5 regular season game going outside of Army-Navy.

      • RM Carrollton
        March 3, 2016 at 9:53 am

        Will probably be broadcast on CBS SN

      • bigddan11
        March 4, 2016 at 9:26 pm

        Boise State has a contract for all home games to air on ESPN, unless both ESPN and CBSSN feel there is a BSU road game that will be better in which case they can swap one road and home game, so it can’t be a CBSSN game.

    4. Marcus
      March 3, 2016 at 9:43 am

      Interesting that BYU would take its bye the week after a Thursday game. I would have scheduled it before the Boise State game. In fact, it’s boggling why BYU would schedule a Saturday game followed up by a Friday game followed up by a Thursday game. Also, BYU plays another Friday game following a trip out east to play West Virginia in DC. All very strange.

      With BYU not belonging to a conference the Cougars should consider playing a game on Championship Saturday (first Saturday of December) every year. That’ll give them two byes each year (or three in some years) or the opportunity for a 13th game if they play at Hawai’i. They most certainly have the flexibility to do it.

      • @dbrunstheworld
        March 3, 2016 at 10:15 am

        The byes are often dictated by when opponents can be scheduled rather than being a chosen week.

      • @dbrunstheworld
        March 3, 2016 at 10:20 am

        The most suitable opponent for the first weekend of December would be UMass. I think snow keeps them from that weekend. An extra open weekend would open lost of scheduling flexibility for both. NMSU could fit this need too.

    5. Shep
      March 3, 2016 at 10:07 am

      I don’t see them even making a bowl game with this schedule.

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    1. Steve
      October 28, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      Brutal schedule. I would schedule Southern Utah too with the schedule they have next year.

    2. Shep
      October 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

      Looks like a 6-6 season to me, with a few toss-ups that could go the other way (Toledo especially)

      • G of F
        October 28, 2015 at 9:23 pm

        It is a tough schedule no doubt, however considering how little they are losing and how much they may be gaining, this prognosis seems quite pessimistic.

    3. no_clue97
      October 28, 2015 at 2:28 pm

      If BYU wins in Utah, Utah State, and Southern Utah, they will be the true beehive state champions.

    4. Jason
      October 28, 2015 at 4:35 pm


      Small update on the dates for the BYU/Utah games in 2019 and 2020.

      Contract has the games scheduled for Thursdays with option to move if needed.

    5. Carlow Lorrie
      October 28, 2015 at 5:22 pm

      BYU can go undefeated at home. While they may split the away games, the opportunity to play Arizona and West Virginia on neutral fields should net at least one victory. With some really good players coming back at the skill positions, BYU should be formidable next year. I would like to be a season ticket holder in 2016.

    6. @dbrunstheworld
      October 28, 2015 at 10:42 pm

      Interestingly SUU 2016 made this list but UNLV, a tentative 7th road game for 2017, is still absent:

      • DJ
        October 29, 2015 at 4:38 pm

        I’ve always assumed something was going to shuffle for 2017 since I can’t see BYU schedule 13 games with no bye week or settle for only 5 home games and 7 away from home. I just don’t know that UNLV is the one who will not be in 2017.

    7. poyman
      November 16, 2015 at 7:56 pm

      What a “get”… Way to go Holmoe… You continue to make November a stay at home month for BYU fans… Two power houses back to back at home for the Season Ticket Holders (U Mass and now Southern Utah”…zzzz.

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