Florida State contacts BCS schools to fill West Virginia void on 2012 Schedule

Florida State SeminolesThe Florida State Seminoles have contacted several BCS schools to replace West Virginia on their 2012 football schedule, the Orlando Sentinel has reported.

Last week, West Virginia notified FSU that they were canceling their 2012 game which was scheduled for Sept. 8 in Tallahassee.

The Mountaineers are preparing to compete in the Big 12 next season and needed to cancel one of their four scheduled non-conference games. Canceling the trip made the most financial sense to West Virginia, although they do have to pay a $500,00 buyout. If FSU can’t find a suitable replacement, they Seminoles might file a lawsuit against the Mountaineers to recoup additional lost revenue.

Florida State has reportedly reached out to several BCS schools to fill the Sept. 8 void on their schedule. Those teams include Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Rutgers, Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

Oklahoma currently needs two non-conference games in 2012, but would the Sooners want to play another home-and-home series with FSU? The two schools just completed their 2010-11 set in which Oklahoma won both games.

Texas A&M is also in need of two games with their move to the SEC in 2012. The Aggies currently have open dates on Sept. 22, Oct. 13 and Nov. 17. They are scheduled to host Florida on Sept. 8 and that date is unlikely to change.

The three Big East schools, Rutgers, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, will each need an additional non-conference game with the departure of West Virginia. They could even schedule two since the NCAA allows 12 games.

Whoever Florida State can get to fill that void, look for it to happen soon since the 2012 ACC schedule is likely to be released later this month.

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16 Comments to Florida State contacts BCS schools to fill West Virginia void on 2012 Schedule

  1. Nick

    Get Texas A&M! A good ACC vs. SEC game!

  2. Bill

    Pitt best has open date Sept. 8 . Replace one Big East with another. They’ll be ACC 2014 anyway.

    • Brian R.

      Problem is Pitt needs the home date too after losing their UCF date to clear room for realignment and the WVU game. Right now they sit at 4 home games for fall 2012.

  3. king

    Florida st. sucks. Tt would be a waste of time to play a team that OU always beats. Time to play somebody that has some talent.

  4. Al Stearns

    How about a Big 10+ school. nah…FSU always beats them.

  5. Anonymous

    They should schedule Rutgers: easy W, and Rutgers wouldn’t have to play ‘Cuse twice

  6. RUfaninFL

    Rutgers wouldn’t be as easy a walkover as some may think. They return a strong defense, and we all witnessed the inability of FSU to run the ball last year. Rutgers is looking for a return game from FSU which isn’t likely, so FSU will probably have to look elsewhere. Maybe playing Syracuse or Pitt (both teams that Rutgers has dominated in recent years) would be easier prey for an early season warm-up game for the ‘Noles.

    • Eric

      Rutgers lost to Pitt in 2009 and 2010. I’m pretty sure they lost to Syracuse those years as well.

      Looks like Rutgers manned up and is playing Arkansas.

  7. Zach

    I would love to see FSU play Oregon but it looks like it will probably be rutgers or cuse’

  8. al

    we need strength of schedule…either a team that will be excellent in 2012 or a team with a rich history…I vote OU

  9. boo

    Boise St.!!!!!!!

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